Friday, April 17, 2015

Testing Vivid Vervet final images

Ubuntu 15.04, otherwise known as the vivid vervet, is nearing release. We are now in the final week before the release on April 23rd. That means it's time to test some images!

Everyone can help!
For the final images, I'd like to extend the call for testing beyond those brave souls willing to run alpha and beta software. I encourage everyone to make a backup (as always!) and upgrade / install vivid. Then report your results on the tracker. Positive results are extremely helpful for this milestone, so please report those too. As a bonus, you can enjoy vivid a few days before the rest of the world (there's no need to re-install the final image), and avoid the upgrade rush after release.

How can I help?
To help test, visit the iso tracker milestone page for the final milestone.  The goal is to verify the images in preparation for the release. The information at the top of the page will help you if you need help reporting a bug or understanding how to test. 

There's a first time for everything! Check out the handy links on top of the isotracker page detailing how to perform an image test, as well as a little about how the qatracker itself works. If you still aren't sure or get stuck, feel free to contact the qa community or myself for help.

Thanks and happy testing everyone!


  1. > If you still aren't sure or get stuck, feel free to contact the qa community or myself for help.

    Still stuck. Tried filing a launchpad bug (, tried contacting the qa community (#ubuntu-quality on FreeNode), tried contacting you, tried contacting the Infrastructure Systems Development group (and received an automated reply with a ticket number, then complete silence).

    1. mgedmin, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles! I see your bug report now, and I'll follow-up on it to keep everything in one place. If you sent me an e-mail, I'm sorry to say I never received it. Sorry for you encountering a blank wall. Let's try and get your sorted now.