Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dancing, testing, and releasing

We're still here and we're still testing!

And you can still join us!

Grab your nexus device, check out the wiki page, and flash away. File bugs, and keep ontop of the updates coming out. Use the device as you would any other phone. Ohh and check out the app development contest winners by installing the apps from the click store on the phone (check out the more suggestions section).

The release is only 2 weeks away. That's 14 days or a mere 336 hours. And we'll be spending 112 hours sleeping (perhaps less, get some sleep!). That leaves just 224 hours for testing. Join us!

#UbuntuTestDanceMaster out.


  1. Sleeping? did anyone say anything about sleep? :P

    Wonderful post, Nicholas :)
    Ubuntu GNOME is going great so far, I managed to create a sub-team for QA and we are now 12 ;)

  2. if only APNs can be set via Ubuntu Phone Settings. i would've joined testing.

    1. Rhan, you can indeed change the APN settings, this explains how:

  3. As android user I want to sync my contacts with the gmail account. I was able to set up the account but nothing happened in the contacts. I will test again next weekend. :o