Friday, July 5, 2013

Testing all the things: Weather

"What's the weather like? Got a window? Open it!"

Or I suppose I could swipe my gorgeous ubuntu phone and see my weather with lovely icons. I may just decide to stay inside and watch my virtual sun bask it's artificial light upon my skin for hours. I'm only (half) kidding.

Still it's not hard to admit the weather app is shaping up to be one of the sharpest looking applications for ubuntu touch. Martin Borho has already gotten through many of the bugs listed so there is an excellent structure in place for you to add some further tests.

Ok, so today isn't so lovely.

Consider helping the weather developers keep things looking sunny.  Grab the weather branchadd a testcase from the list of needsfollow the tutorial for help if needed, and propose a merge. Thanks for helping to ensure quality for ubuntu touch!

If you need help getting started, there are 2 more workshops planned for next week. In addition the logs, and a FAQ from the workshops are now available and ready for you to consume and understand. Happy test writing!

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