Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Testing all the things: File Manager

Today we look at another important piece of the puzzle for the ubuntu touch platform; the file manager. File managers provide a way for the end users to access there files in an arbitrary manner. Without one on the device you would be stuck viewing your data only through specific applications intended to utilize that data (photos, music, videos) or the terminal. Despite being the bane of simple computing advocates at times, file managers serve an important purpose.

So, let's look at the file manager app for ubuntu touch. Glancing at the dogfooding page you can see many of the basics are already in place. We can browse files and folders, make new folders and view file information.

Quite nice looking isn't it?

And indeed, looking at the list of needs many tests have already been written. This is largely the work of iBelieve, otherwise known as Michael Spencer. Good work! But there is still more to do.

If you are new to writing tests for core applications, adding a test to this application will be much easier for you to pick up. I'm sure Michael won't mind that I'm volunteering him here as well -- we're here to help!

Consider helping Michael and the file manager developers keep development going.  Grab the file manager branchadd a testcase from the list of needsfollow the tutorial for help if needed, and propose a merge. Thanks for helping to ensure quality for ubuntu touch!

If you need help getting started, there is 1 more workshops planned for this week. In addition the logs, and a FAQ from the workshops are now available and ready for you to consume and understand. Happy test writing!

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