Friday, May 3, 2013

People behind ubuntu quality: Sergio

This post is part of a series on the people behind the ubuntu quality team. Let me introduce you to Sergio who has been an amazing contributor to the ubuntu-manual-tests. He hails from South America and is empowered to help the Spanish speaking population of ubuntu participate by making technical help available in there native language.

1) Could you provide a bit of background about yourself?

Hi! My name is Sergio AndrĂ©s Meneses as you can figure it out by my nickname (SergioMeneses), I am 24 years old, I am from CĂșcuta/Colombia and I belong to the LocoCouncil and the Ubuntu QA-team.

2) How did you become invovled with the Ubuntu community?

I began with Ubuntu 7.10 and my first contact was in my university, Francisco de Paula Santander University. And later I met Ubuntu-Colombian team (My LocoTeam), where I learned a lot and especialy about how to work in community.

3) What attracted you to the quality team?

I always liked to work on testing, I have been really interesting about the quality in free software or open source projects, so this was an amazing oportunity to learn and help to do Ubuntu better. But in the Raring-cycle (13.04), I was more involved with another things like: Bugs, Reports, Test-cases, Testing-applications and as always: Testing-isos. This was my first contact officially with the ubuntu QA-team.

Contributing to the manual tests project
4) What would you say to folks new to ubuntu and/or testing?

An interesting question, let me think!... If you like technology, If you like to learn a lot and you want to share with amazing people. You're place is in the Ubuntu-Community. and why do you have to be in the testing team?... because we are the best team! we are not only users or IT engineers, we are friends with jokes, having a good time and the most important thing: we work to do Ubuntu better!

5) How would you describe the community and the experience of using ubuntu?

About the community I have the right word: Friendship, wherever you see friendship is the bigger characteristic in all the teams and it makes that your contributions on ubuntu are a good run. About my experience of using ubuntu: it's the best, I use Ubuntu in computers, its performance is amazing, as programmer and sysadmin I dont have any issue with it... I always recommend it. :)

6) What would you like to see in the future for ubuntu?

There are interesting things in the future but I'm going to put emphasis on two things: the rolling release system and ubuntu-touch especially phones, and why this? - because we had a passionate discussion in several mailinglists, blogs, forums, IRC... everybody was crazy! literally. But I like to see in the future something less technical: "I would like to see more young people working in the community, especially people from LatinAmerica"

Sergio mapping out a testcase for the software center

7) Do you have a favorite experience to share from being a part of ubuntu?

While I was doing my first merged, I didn't upload my code into my personal branch but I uploaded into +junk and I didn't what was wrong. Editors Note: uploading the branch to +junk means Sergio wouldn't be able to submit it in a merge request to the project he was contributing to. In other words, he made a contribution, but got lost trying to contribute it :-)

8) What is your favorite activity or interest outside of computing (including ubuntu!)?

I really like soccer! My favorite team is Manchester United (UK), I see many soccer games on tv and sometimes I play, when I have time enough.

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