Monday, May 6, 2013

People behind ubuntu quality: Javier

This post is part of a series on the people behind the ubuntu quality team.  Let me introduce you to Javier who has had a hand in many different quality activitiesHe hails from Mexico and enjoys taking part in many different teams within ubuntu.

1) Could you provide a bit of background about yourself?

My name is Javier Lopez, I'm a random 2x years old guy living in Mexico city.

2) How did you become invovled with the Ubuntu community?

I become involved because I believe in the Ubuntu and open source philosophy.

3) What attracted you to the quality team?

Nicholas's blog, I used to be a Daniel Holbach super fan, but since I started reading Nicholas one, Daniel has fallen one spot, I like seeing all that energy spread over the community and its never ending enthusiasm. I'll hunt you and hug you both of you guys! ¬_¬

Contributing some iso testing results
4) What would you say to folks new to ubuntu and/or testing?

I'd encourage anyone to join any of the Ubuntu teams, you'll learn more about the system, will meet nice people and will help to build one of the most awesome and biggest projects around.

5) How would you describe the community and the experience of using ubuntu?

I'd say that the Ubuntu community is one of the most friendly communities I've ever meet, that feels great in addition to the nice system which comes with it.
As alpha tester, there are times where the ubuntu experience is not as great as an LTS ubuntu system, but I also enjoy seeing how the bugs reported get fixed and how the few patches I've sent get integrated.

6) What would you like to see in the future for ubuntu?

I'd like to see more loco teams awesomeness, people going crazy about it (something like a randall ross clone program), designers all over the place, companies funding more community programmers, more ubuntu woman members, an ubuntu skynet..

7) Do you have a favorite experience to share from being a part of ubuntu?

I like seeing people's face when they first meet an Ubuntu system, specially when they like it and they're not computer gangsters.

Javier enjoys playing the violin
8) What is your favorite activity or interest outside of computing (including ubuntu!)?

I like going out with my friends, and learning new things, I also like talking with other foreign people and traveling around my country, specially small towns. I'm trying to setup a couple of companies, so I'll be able to spend more time enjoying life en less working in an office.

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