Friday, May 10, 2013

People behind ubuntu quality: Jackson

This post is part of a series on the people behind the ubuntu quality team. Let me introduce you to Jackson, who loves modding his computer. He stumbled his way into ubuntu and hasn't looked back.

1) Could you provide a bit of background about yourself?

My name is Jackson Doak, i'm 14 and live in Australia. I use the nickname “Noskcaj” for everything online. I have been building PCs since i was 12, I've since attempted to make a volenti cooler, which is unfinished.

Check out that ubuntu orange!
2) How did you become invovled with the Ubuntu community?

I found Ubuntu after finishing my first PC and realizing I didn't have enough money to buy windows. I have since been using ubuntu on all my computers except my gaming PC. The ease of customization and security are to of the main reasons I still use Ubuntu.

3) What attracted you to the quality team?

I joined the QA team because I wanted to get involved with the community and it seemed the best option for me.

4) What would you say to folks new to ubuntu and/or testing?

To anyone new to the community/testing: Please try and help, any amount of time is useful, especially if you have a PowerPC computer or something that runs ubuntu touch. Even if you just tell your friends about ubuntu and get us more users, you are helping.

5) How would you describe the community and the experience of using ubuntu?

So far the community has been great, very helpful. Although there does seem to be a lack of cross group communication at times.

6) What would you like to see in the future for ubuntu?

I really do hope that canonical's vision of ubuntu on all 4 screens (PC, tablet, phone and TV) works, and UbuntuKylin's support helps a lot. I want xubuntu to be more well known and used, despite missing a real target audience at the moment.

7) Do you have a favorite experience to share from being a part of ubuntu?

I'm not sure i have a favourite experience.

8) What is your favorite activity or interest outside of computing (including ubuntu!)?

My favourite activity outside of computers would probably be playing soccer.

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