Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Community Charity-a-thon: The Aftermath

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed. To those who gave on behalf of the debian community, thank you as well! I stated that for every five donations I would do a manpage for a package that is missing one :-) I received just under 5 donations marked debian, but not to worry, I'll still create a manpage for one in need. Although I did other work during the marathon, I purposefully held onto creating the manpage until I was a bit more rested -- I have enough trouble speaking English sometimes without adding in sleep deprivation. The man page readers will thank me, and I'm sure those who get my page to review will as well.

To the rest of you, thank you very much. We raised $943.34 for WaterAid. That's amazing! I'm truly touched by your generosity. Here's the complete list of donors, hats off to all of you -- I know several of you donated anonymously, thank you!

Anonymous :-)
Cormac Wilcox

Anders Jonsson
Arthur Talpaert
Sam Hewitt

Ólavur Gaardlykke
Joey-Elijah Sneddon
steve burdine

Thomas Martin (tenach)
Daniel Marrable
sebsebseb Mageia
Jonas Grønås Drange
Gregor Herrmann
Mark Shuttleworth
Thijs K
Max Brustkern
Jane Silber
Gema Gomez-Solano
Martin Pitt
Michelle Hall

Now I know no one wants to re-watch that crazy 24 hours of video, but I wanted to bring you a few highlights as well. I spent time doing some of my normal work, but I also promised to do something outside the norm. I was able to scratch an itch, and although my on-air demo failed (an uh-duh moment), I was able to record this video immediately after demonstrating where we in QA are focusing next cycle. In addition, there were several talks from QA personnel, and I recommend watching this clip if your interested in hearing Rick's take on where ubuntu is going, and indeed how quality will play a role. You can skip to here if you only want to hear his take on quality. Now is a great time to be involved in QA -- I'm excited to see things unfold for 14.04, and I hope you are to.

For the readers who actually made it this far, I've got the best for last. There were some gags in those 24 hours; for instance, check out my chicken dance! (*cough* this was supposed to be a group thing *cough*). Ohh, and there's always this lovely screencap. To be fair, this was about 20 hours or so in.

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