Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ubuntu QA goes social

Since I posted the survey results, some of the members of the qa community noticed the team was unknown by others in the greater ubuntu community and beyond. After posting the article and ending my day, no sooner do I awake then my inbox already contains links to several social media locations where groups have been setup. I was floored and impressed by everyone's excitement to let others share in the fun we have here in QA (great work everyone!).

So, what does that mean for everyone else? We've gone social! Check out the new groups, and if your already a member of the social community in question, I would encourage you to join up if your interested in qa. And for anyone who has been involved in the oppurtunities we undertake in qa, I would encourage you to write about them. Share them with your friends.. in a word, communicate :-) You don't need to find a new medium, take qa and ubuntu to where you already interact!


  1. Perhaps the QA team could do with a story teller? I know of no events where the QA team did something or caught some important thing, risked life and limb to bring Ubuntu to their users...

    Posts that I do see are very clean and automatronic... a bit like a report rather than a commentary or news article which would really get into writing things with intrigue.

    1. Certainly! I think you'll like a post I have in store then ;-) I've been wanting to share a story that happened this cycle in regards to QA and one of the calls for testing we're doing. However, it's not the only story -- I hope others share as well.