Friday, August 3, 2012

Quality Perceptions Survey

What's your perception of quality this cycle? Are things working well for you? It's been several months now since precise landed, and ubuntu development for the next version has been ongoing. The ubuntu QA team has had a busy summer putting into place the new tools we spoke about at UDS. The qatracker has been revamped to allow us to consolidate our testcases and test reporting across all of our activities. In addition, we've been helping in the release of 3 alpha milestones, and 3 testing campaigns. To all those who have helped in this testing, a very big thank you!

I have my own thoughts about the impact to the ubuntu project this testing has had, and I will continue to share my thoughts to point out the progress we make in this regard. But now, I want your input. I have created a survey to understand the community perspective on how we as a ubuntu project are doing on quality. If you have a few moments, please fill out the survey and let your thoughts and perspective be known. The survey will be anonymous, but I will share an aggregation and summary of the results.

My hope is to help gain an understanding of how we can focus our efforts on what's important to ubuntu as a project in terms of quality, as well as how we can help you (yes you!) become a more active part of QA if your interested.

Here's a link to survey. I'll leave it open until next Friday August 10th. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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  1. Just pointing out that the survey seems to be missing or down.