Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What can webapps do? Help test and see!

As I'm sure you've already heard, webapps are becoming first rate citizens on ubuntu. Some of you might even have installed the ppa and are enjoying exploring what webapps does for you on the desktop. If you've been one of those early adopters and are wondering exactly what all webapps can do, or are wondering how you can help squash bugs, this is your chance!

The webapps team has made available some manual testcases that cover the functionality found in webapps currently. These testcases have been made available via a 'call for testing' for webapps. Head over to the package tracker and select the tests corresponding to your version of ubuntu. For precise, Webapps Precise Testing, and for quantal Webapps Quantal Testing.

Never participated before in a call for testing? No worries! Check out this handy walk-through and you'll be submitting results in no time. Thanks for helping test!


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