Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A video walkthrough of ISO Testing

Notice I'm not mentioning a good video walk-through, but it is in HD! It can be viewed on youtube here. I had a lot of trouble doing my first screencast, but I think I have a promising setup now for the future. I promise HD, lag-free, and better editing in the future. For reference, I highly recommend flowblade to edit and kazam to record. Kudos to both developers for nice pieces of software!

The text version is available here and I encourage you to follow along with the video. You don't need anything more than a reasonably modern pc that can run a VM and you can help iso test. Take 20 minutes to watch and follow along and take the fear out of iso testing. Then join us next week as we continue our testing cadence and verify our daily isos are in good shape.

And don't worry, no one will know it's running the installation on a separate workspace while you watch youtube videos.. It'll be our secret.

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