Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bleeding Orange and Purple

So today I headed over to ubuntu planet to get my daily fix, when I happen to spy my floating head next to a post. What's this? The last post from my blog was published! That simply won't do for an introduction, so this post will do so!

The reason my blog appeared in the planet blogroll is the same reason I now write this post. I would like to introduce myself as a newly minted ubuntu member! I couldn't be happier to bleed orange and purple. I have been 'around' ubuntu for a long time, but only recently began pursuing a more active role in the project. This culminated in me joining Canonical as the QA Community Coordinator1 and now becoming a member :-) I would encourage anyone who might want to know more about me to simply visit the about me and contact me pages above. It has links to goodies like my ubuntu wiki page, launchpad information and contact details.

To those of you within the community who I've been working with already, thank you! It's been a blast getting to know everyone. And for those whom I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting or working with, feel free to say hello. Join a call for testing, or other testing event and get some hands on time with myself and the other folks in QA; we always enjoy meeting new faces and new people.

You can expect to see more QA and testing posts coming from me on this space. I hope to here more from all of you as well. Happy Testing!

1. Yes, Jono Bacon is my boss, and no it's not quite as cool as you think it would be. jk <3 u Jono!

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