Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opportunity: Manual Application Testing for Precise Beta2

As of last Friday, the precise beta2 release went to final and was published. As with beta1, a ppa containing manual test cases via checkbox has been made available. For those who helped test or contribute, perhaps you saw your name in lights? If not go check out those release notes! We appreciate your good work; kudos to our testing community. (BTW, if we missed you, we apologize! Shoot me an email and I will get you added to the list!)

Thanks for everyone who contributed testcases for this testing cycle. We got more comprehensive coverage than beta1. We're always happy to get more tests :-) Take a look at the wiki page for contributing tests. If you are unable to use launchpad for whatever reason, feel free to send a message to the ubuntu-qa mailing list. We can help you get your test cases added to checkbox even if your not a developer.

Now onto the testing! First you need to download the precise beta2 iso. You will find the iso's available here. Pick one that will work on your hardware.

Next, follow this wiki page to get checkbox and the application tests installed, run through the test cases and report your results. Thanks so much for helping test! If you find a bug, Jono has a great tutorial on how to file a bug. Make sure you mention your bug report in your comment if a test fails!

Thanks for testing and helping make ubuntu rock!

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