Thursday, March 1, 2012

Opportunity: Manual Application Testing for Precise Beta1 -- Part II

The precise beta1 release just dropped! As a follow-up to my earlier post about participating in testing with this release, now is your opportunity to do some manual application testing for ubuntu. This is a perfect ubuntu global jam activity!

Thanks for everyone who contributed testcases for this testing cycle. If you missed getting your merge in on time, don't worry! Beta2 is coming up and I hope we can add even more tests. Take a look at the wiki page for contributing tests. If you are unable to use launchpad for whatever reason, feel free to send a message to the ubuntu-qa mailing list. We can help you get your test cases added to checkbox for beta2!

Now onto the testing! First you need to download the precise beta1 iso. You will find the iso's available here. Pick one that will work on your hardware.

Next, follow this wiki page to get checkbox and the application tests installed, run through the test cases and report your results. Thanks so much for helping test! If you find a bug, Jono has a great tutorial on how to file a bug. Make sure you mention your bug report in your comment if a test fails!

Go forth and test!


  1. installing now ... 16gigs of ram needs to be utilized!

  2. I'm trying to install (PC (Intel x86) desktop CD) on Virtualbox with a Ubuntu 11.10 as host but get the following error:
    The kernel needs the following features not present on the CPU: pae

    Does anyone elese have this problem?

    1. Fredrik, checkbox currently requires physical hardware to work properly -- so it won't work in VM's right now. I would suggest simply using the livecd as a workaround for now. Hopefully we'll be able to make this work in VM's as well. Thanks for testing!

  3. AMD Phenom II 1034 6 core, 8 gig DDR3. Doesn't like my Radeon HD6570. Trying to Download and Install driver but it seems to stall / lockup. Can't cancel driver update, it's stuck. Everything else working on low-res mode. Still Trying.

  4. Getting FRUSTRATED!! Ubuntu Software Center will Not Download. Have had to download then open in USC to Install. Can't Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras, downloaded it, open in USC, still won't play video. Installed 12.04 on DVD, now can't find DVD - DVD Movie, CD Music. Has no problem with Flashdrive and phone on usb.Had to Download Catalyst 12.1 and manually Install in terminal to run in normal mode. Can't get printer working because it won't download drivers, not going to try terminal install. Update doesn't work, wierd things happen on terminal, GUI can't find repositories. COME ON GUYS!! MAKE IT USER FRIENDLY!! I can't tell friends or family to try this.