Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Opportunity: Writing application test cases

This post is part of the opportunity series designed to let you know about ways to get involved with QA inside ubuntu.

One of the types of testing the QA team performs is at an application level. Once we are assured we can install a system, we want to know if it can do more useful tasks than just boot! This is where application testing comes in. This wiki represents the application test cases that are utilized when testing applications.

Currently the QA team is updating these application tests. This work is being done for several reasons. The first is to ensure all of the tests follow the same template and thus are easier to understand and maintain. The second is similar to the first; the tests need to be updated to be both correct (has something in the software changed?) and in the proper template. And finally the tests are being updated in anticipation of using a new tool to help maintain and run these test cases.

To do this work, the ubuntu qa mailing list along with a google doc have been employed. The google doc contains all of the application tests from the wiki. They are located on the 'All test cases from wiki' tab. The mailing list contains the discussions and reviews of the updated tests. Here is the basic workflow:

1) Copy the test case that needs to be re-written to the 'Test case rewrites' tab
2) Update the test case to conform to the new template and guidelines
3) Post a message to the mailing list with the test ids you have written, and ask someone to review
4) Update the test on the wiki to reflect the changes
5) Move the updated test case to the 'Completed test case rewrites' tab

This is a wonderful way to get involved. Do you have a favorite application? Consider writing and editing the test cases to make sure it works properly in ubuntu by getting some good test cases written. Do you not only understand technical jargon, but are also capable of writing? The community needs your skills! Join the mailing list, hop on #ubuntu-testing on IRC, or reply here with comment. I want to make sure you get plugged in with the rest of the wonderful folks helping make ubuntu great. Thanks!

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