Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do I use Unity?

I know I use unity to launch applications and run a search thru an occasional lense, but I wasn't sure how else I might be using my ubuntu desktop. To solve my curiosity, I decided to watch my mouse movements and find out how I interact with the unity desktop. Does it help or hinder my workflow, etc. Check out the results below. The answer about which piece of unity I was using the most surprised me a bit. Looks like I <3 my indicators.  The first picture show both my desktops, with no background. In the second, I only show my left monitor with a background snapshot to show you where I was clicking and hovering in more detail in regards to unity itself :-)

To explain the picture a bit, the circles represent where my cursor stopped or rested, while the lines are my movements. You can see I am using the indicators often over the course of this hour. What I was actually doing (besides playing with this tool) was having a video meeting, writing some emails, browsing the web and a hacking around in a terminal session. This is pretty typical hour for me. If you want to make your own graph of your mouse usage habits, check out IOGraphica and share your own discovery about your unity habits.

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