Thursday, February 23, 2012

Call for Testing: Wubi

As beta1 for precise draws closer and closer, it's time for testing some new stuff. On the docket is wubi, everyone's favorite way to get ubuntu without having to worry about disk partitioning or losing there current windows installation. Wubi was created out of a desire to lower the barrier of entry for newcomers to ubuntu. So, if you want to help create a wonderful experience for those new users, I would encourage you to help test wubi. The testing window for this goes through the weekend, as the first iso spins will be happening on Monday for iso testing :-)

Prerequisites: You will need access to a computer that has windows xp or higher installed on it. In addition, the computer will need at least 5 gb of free disk space. As always, make sure you have backups and can restore the computer if required.

1) Download a current daily image ( You can chose a 32-bit or 64-bit desktop cd.

2) Burn the iso you downloaded. If you need help burning the iso, check out this handy wiki article:

3) Boot up the windows computer.

Once you have the cd and the windows computer is booted you can run through the testcases. For this round, we're focusing on 2 tests;  wdi-001 and wdi-002. Check out the wiki page and follow the instructions for each case.
Once you've gone thru both testcases you should have a working ubuntu install alongside your windows installation.
Did everything work? Leave me a comment below and let me know about it. Failed? Check out how to file a bug below.

Filing Bugs
Please file bugs against the wubi package in launchpad ( When filing, please make sure to tag your bug 'beta1'.

Giving Feedback
If you'd like to give feedback, comments or even patches, get in touch with the team on launchpad at

Getting Help
Don't hesitate to reach out to the wonderful folks on launchpad on the wubi team, the ubuntu+1 forums, or myself if you have questions. Thanks for helping test ubuntu!


  1. 4GB or RAM seems like a high barrier to entry. Are you sure you do not mean of 4GB of hard disk space?

    1. Right you are -- good catch. I'll fix it above!