Friday, February 10, 2012

Call for testing: Compiz

The ubuntu desktop team has packaged up a new version of compiz and is looking for people to help test for breakage before releasing into the archive. The testing will be taking place over the weekend, with early next week set as the target date for pushing the changes into the archive (including fixes for any bugs you may find! :-) ).

The changes in this new version of compiz are better performance and stability, but this needs testing to verify that is the case.

Prerequisites: Please make sure you are running the latest version of precise, and all your packages are up to date. Unfortunately this cannot be installed on oneiric or any previous ubuntu release. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH RECOVERING YOUR SYSTEM WITHOUT A GUI. This may break unity and you may need to recover via the command line.

1) Add didrocks ppa ( You can do this by issuing the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:didrocks/ppa

2) Update apt and run a dist upgrade -- this should prompt you to upgrade compiz.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

3) Restart your computer

Ok, hopefully the upgrade went smooth for you, but if not, you may need to recover your system using ppa-purge and then file a bug on what went wrong. You may need to enter a VT session (ctrl+alt+f2 for example) and downgrade back to a stable version of compiz (using ppa-purge) and then reboot as your unity desktop likely won't come up in the event something didn't work.

Ok, so hopefully your rebooted PC brought you back to your unity desktop. Congratulations, you've done quite a bit of testing already! For this package, the rest of the testing is very generalized. Go about your normal workflow and see if you encounter any issues. For instance;

Did your pc report any weird errors while booting? (check the syslog, dmesg, etc)
Are you seeing any new UI rendering bugs?
Perhaps some of your compiz settings are no longer working?

Filing Bugs
If you find something is broken, please let the developers know. Please file bugs against the compiz-core package in launchpad ( Make sure when filing to tag it "". This will make sure your issue is seen by the developers and they will know it is in relation to this new package.

Giving Feedback
Feel free to provide any comments or feedback to the ubuntu desktop mailing list, or to the folks on freenode @ #ubuntu-unity.

Getting Help
Don't hesitate to reach out to the wonderful folks on freenode @ #ubuntu-unity, the ubuntu desktop mailing list, the ubuntu+1 forums, or myself if you have questions. Thanks for helping test ubuntu!

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