Friday, January 20, 2012

Where is quality found in ubuntu?

Everywhere. It's not a cliché. Being the new guy, one of my first objectives was to survey the landscape of ubuntu and meet all the great folks who are already doing QA work. While I found some interesting teams whose work I hope to spotlight in future posts on this blog, the biggest surprise was the commitment to quality on every team I met. Perhaps this is just because the precise release will be an LTS; and not just any LTS, but the first to be supported for 5 years on the desktop. In my opinion, this is the biggest release since dapper changed how we looked at ubuntu!

Delivering a release that will help define ubuntu is not an easy task -- we need everyone's help. Perhaps your like me and just getting started (or maybe a longtime lurker who has never contributed). Regardless, you can help make this release the best ubuntu release yet. Get involved! There is something for everyone to contribute, for many different skills and time commitments. The real answer to where quality is found in ubuntu is in you!

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