Friday, January 20, 2012

Introducing me

Ahh yes, the days of old, when I was simply that that guy Jono blogged about. Shortly after that post, I wrote an email to the QA mailing list as a way of introducing myself. As it remains an unspoiled view of me from before beginning work, I thought I would share now with everyone on this blog. It represents my first impressions of ubuntu and QA, as well as my hopes for the future.
"I think ubuntu is in a unique place to be a leader among open source projects in the area of QA. The more I have used ubuntu over the years, the more impressed I become. Each release gets better and better and provides a better experience. It's that "just works" nirvana that all technology projects seek to provide its users and ubuntu more and more "just works". I was reminded of this the other day after coming home to find my wife happily printing some documents using the new printer we had purchased. I hadn't yet had time to setup the printer so imagine my surprise that my wife was now printing from it! I asked her how she figured out how to setup the printer and was met with a blank stare. She had simply turned it on and plugged it in. Ubuntu did the rest when she hit the print button -- ubuntu saw she wanted to print, found an unconfigured printer available on USB, configured it, set it as the default printer, and then sent the document to it. Amazing! It's this community's tireless work and focus on finishing ideas well that these experiences are a testament to. I look forward to creating more and more of these experiences with all of you."

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